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ClinicalKey is a clinical search engine that supports clinical decisions by making it easier to find and apply relevant knowledge. We drive better care by delivering fast, concise answers when every second counts, and deep access to evidence whenever, wherever you need it.
Answers questions quickly, recognizing relevant clinical concepts as you type and offering shortcuts to critical answers.
Draws relevant answers from a wide range of current, comprehensive content across 30+ medical specialties.
Accessible at the patient’s bedside or on the go, making it easy to discover, share and apply content anywhere.
Content from Elsevier, the name healthcare professionals worldwide rely on.
!What we access using Clinical Key
 More than 2 million journal article
More than one thousands full-text books
Hundreds of procedural and point of care references
!How to search clinical Key website and get what you are looking for
Searching without limiting the type of resource
You just need to type your keyword(s) in the search box and click the search icon in orange near the search box
Right after clicking the search button most relevant feedback is displayed classified based on the type of resource available.
On the left, you’ll see the results categorized according source type. The number of available items is shown. By clicking any of the items, you’ll be redirected to the list of the clicked item.
In the middle, you’ll see a summary of the retrieved items along with direct links. When you move the mouse content on any of the displayed items, three icons are displayed by which you may save, email or print the item. By clicking on any item in the middle of the webpage you are redirected to the selected resource.
.On the right you’ll see the overview of the medical condition you are looking for, if any
:You may find an example in the next slide
Searching sources types

Source types in Clinical Key include books, journals, clinical trials, Drug Monographs, Guidelines, Patient Education, Clinical overviews/First consults, Multimedia, Procedures consult and clinical focus

To limit your search to any type of source, you just need to click on the list of source type available on the left side of the search box and select the source you like. Then type the keyword(s) and click the search button.

Like general search, there will be three parts in the results displayed: On left, you’ll see the results by source type; in the middle, you’ll have the .most relevant documents as per the selected source type; and on the right, you’ll have an overview of the medical condition you are looking for

:In the next slide, you can see the results for “Myocardial Infarction” in Guideline